This last week I had my reminder to back everything up. My main computer is a laptop and has worked great without any problems for three years. Last week the motherboard blew. The computer is completely dead and I can’t even turn it on.

Thankfully I had everything backed up in the cloud. Whenever I save anything to my cloud it gets backed up online. About 90% of all my files were backed up automatically. Many of my important files were backed up onto CD’s as well.

The important thing is to find a backup system that works well for you, and then use it. Finding what works best for you can take some time with dozens of cloud computing options available. Here are two review that I found helpful. First this one from USA Today just covers three of the top cloud storage options. The second one from Computer World covers five other services.

Whatever you chose, backup your information so if your computer fails you don’t lose everything.

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