Why Us?

Unsurpassed, personalized research.

Genealogy is about two things: research and people. Your professional genealogist will have unsurpassed expertise with the genealogy research process, and is focused on providing personalized, individual service to each client. Your genealogist will work directly with you and closely under your direction to ensure that our work meets your specifications, every time.


Our professionals have deep training and experience in genealogical research. With years of experience working with records worldwide, we know what records are available and which will be most likely to yield results for any research question. Among other things, our genealogists have obtained college degrees in family history, guest lectured on genealogy at Harvard University, and received formal training in numerous specialized genealogy disciplines. Our many years of work, up-to-date genealogy education, and training in the newest research strategies and database information (including electronic searching and sourcing) means that you have the best of all worlds: the newest strategies with a deep understanding of even the oldest records. As the world becomes more interconnected, more information than ever is available for genealogy research, and we know how to use it on your behalf.


We use the latest techniques and global sources in your research, but when it comes to clients, we are strictly old fashioned—one on one. Unlike some genealogy companies that are large conglomerate report mills, we take a personalized, individual approach. You will have your own genealogist, who is a highly trained professional that loves genealogy, whom you can contact at any time. You will always know exactly who is performing all of your work, how the work is being done, what sources are being used, and what strategies are being pursued. This is our way of ensuring that our clients are taken care of, and that all of their needs are met beyond their expectations.


Recent technological advances have made genealogical data and information more accessible and faster to work with than ever before. Unfortunately, much online information is unproven and unsourced, with no way to ascertain validity or correct errors or fraud, which can then replicate across the Internet. Reliable information can always be traced back to reliable sources, usually original documents and primary records, and should have copies of them for proof. Our clients never have this concern, because we follow all relevant professional guidelines to provide excellent research, in the best sources, that is fully cited and indexed. We provide scholarly research, written to be fully accessible to any reader and to comply with all professional standards for sourcing, footnoting, and indexing. Facts are always cited to their sources, and it is standard in our reports to append copies of all documents and sources containing relevant information that we use in the report. Whether you are a new genealogy enthusiast or have been researching your family for a lifetime, you will be able to understand our work and tie it all back to the best source material.

Proven, Personalized.

See what past clients say.

We constantly seek client feedback to ensure that every research project we deliver is of the highest quality. Here are a few communications we have received about our work.

Client Testimonials

“Ms. Beasley delivered our agreed upon project promptly and professionally. I appreciate her professionalism, her performance, and the manner in which she has responded.” –H.H., client

“I reviewed your report. Your report is one of the best I have seen… It was very thorough, well written, etc… Thanks for all your work. I get excited each time I get an email from you. Please continue.” -S.C., client

“My project was completed very quickly. I thought it would take weeks but I had a report in about a week. I also found Suzannah very encouraging to the newbie… I would use her again.” –J.M., client

“I was very pleased with the work you did on my families history. She found things I was unable to find and I am hoping she will continue. She kept me informed all the way.” -E.D., client

“The research was very thorough. The report was organized and well-written. She also pointed out additional avenues to continue the research for my elusive relatives. Suzannah was excellent to work with.” -D.E., client

“Excellent results. Researcher provided a very clear & precise report to us. Will use [her] again.” -K.A., client

“[My researcher] has been very helpful. We have completed project 1 and are getting ready to start project 2. She answers all questions that I have had so far.” -D.N., client

“Research thorough and well documented. Accessible and responsive to emails. I felt I was dealing with a professional of the highest level.” -G.W., client

“Great attention to detail …. both in researching records and conveying the information. Excellent communication during this process. Recommend highly.” -T.K., client

“What a fascinating story [you found about my ancestors]. I’ve been telling the family about it… Talk to you soon.” -S.C., client

“Well done! Even though we have not as yet found Daniel’s parents you have found out quite a bit about him! Thank you very much for a job well done and I will no doubt be seeking your services again with this and or other projects.” -W.H., client

“All of the records requested were found, and delivered in a very timely manner!” A.E., client

“The project was very fruitful, confirming much of my suppositions [and] I’d like for you to pursue the other project I mentioned. I’ll start that. Thanks, again.” –F. P., client