Finding Your Ancestors?

If you are ready to find your ancestors, you have come to the right place! No matter where your family comes from, the Family History Library in Salt Lake is likely to have pertinent records for that area, and we are likely to have already performed numerous searches in those records and languages for past projects. With expertise finding ancestors in nearly every U.S. state and dozens of other countries, we are excited to help our clients find out where they really came from. Request a free consultation to discuss how we can help you find your background. Your ancestors await.

Researching in the United States and abroad.

Trust the best with proven, personalized research.

Whether guest lecturing on genealogy at Harvard University or logging thousands of hours in archives, our full-time genealogy professionals have obtained the experience and knowledge to help you find your family.

With access to the world’s best research sources (including the Family History Library, the world’s top genealogy archive), we can bring your family to light, whether you seek basic research or a full family history book. Your personal genealogist will consult with you extensively to ensure your needs and interests are met, so that we provide exactly the work you seek. And since all of our researchers strictly adhere to the Association of Professional Genealogists Code of Ethics, youcan be confident that your work will meet all professional guidelines. Call our number, and a professional genealogist will answer the phone and be helping you find your family within seconds.


The experts at Global Genealogists are ready to help you discover your heritage! We have college degrees in family history, formal training in numerous specialized genealogy disciplines, deep experience, and satisfied clients to show for it. We are especially focused on creating detailed, documented family histories and pedigree charts, meeting specific research needs and questions, and providing top-level reports to our clients. Typical past and ongoing client inquiries have focused, among other areas, on full family histories written and published as books, Southern and Midwestern U.S. research, European roots and research, lineage societies such as the DAR or Mayflower Society, and colonial American work. We have researched records on our clients’ behalf from almost every State in the United States and in Canada; throughout the British Isles and Scandinavia; from Spain to Malta in the Mediterranean; throughout Eastern Europe; and in Russia and the former U.S.S.R. republics. Get a free quote for your research question by filling out the form.


Research for our clients is conducted using only the best records and archives. We perform fully documented, scholarly research, with a focus on primary records. This is possible because our source material comes from the billions of records kept at the world’s best genealogy archive, the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, as well as other archives throughout the world and primary online records databases. (Note that researchers at Global Genealogists are not employed by the Family History Library and are patrons there.)


Client satisfaction is our top priority: fulfilling your research goals as quickly, efficiently, and fully as possible. Our focus is on creating relationships with our clients that will make you want to come back to us with more research questions, time and time again. See here for real feedback from some of our many satisfied long-term clients.